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Welcome to «LVL-GALLERY»
the online-gallery of author’s photographs!

      We specialize in creating very large-format interior photographs.
      For creating photographs only pictures taken by the photographers of our studio «LVL-PHOTO» are used. The authors of the photographs have QEP qualification (Qualified European Photographer) and they are multiple winners of European and World contests.
      Almost all the images are created by splicing a large numbers of shots, made by medium-format cameras LEAF and SINAR with digital backs and excellent optics. As a result the final images have exceptional high resolution and detailing. Creating one such image can take several months. It is precisely this uncompromising approach that allows creating large-format photographs by quality unattainable earlier, the size of photos being limited only by printing technologies.

      In almost for 10 years we have created more than 300 large-format photographs!