State-of-the-Art technologies for present day interiors!

      Using our knowledge of the gallery’s market, it was decided to refuse using the traditional processing (with wooden frame, mat and protective glass) taking in consideration that it is hardly suitable for photos of such large size.

      Art reproduction is printed on acrylic glass using UV-plotter. The viewer sees the image through a thickness of acrylic and as a result the feeling that the image possesses glossy surface and the perception of depth appears. The acrylic is much more transparent than usual glass. Printed photograph is set in aluminum frame, having attachments for suspension.  An unusual form of frame gives the picture modern look. In front side on the perimeter only narrow strip of frame, having the width 2 mm, not blocking the image is seen. The thickness of the whole product is only 25 mm. The frame of a picture has black or white color, the choice is recommended by the authors, taking into consideration the character of the picture.

      Although the quality of our shots allow to print photographs much larger-size, the maximum size of such photos being limited by technology and makes up 125х250 cm. If you are interested in photograph of bigger than standard size, it can be created on individual order.