A big variety – more than 300 large-format images!

      On the Step I the selection of the image and the format from the catalogue is made.

      All photo pictures in our catalogue are divided in two sections – HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL (in landscape and portrait orientation). In the opening list it is possible to select the theme of image (list with topics may hide or reflect again, clicking on blue vertical panel). Picture selected in low scrollbar is opened in one of formats (for example, 1х3). Format we understand as the aspect ratio of image (height to width). Initially the image of the photo is opened in its main format and with the frame of the picture, which color is recommended by the author. Some images may be represented in different formats. Active buttons under the images illustrate it. Also you may select the color of the frame of the picture (black or white). Quality and detailing of the photo may be evaluated by fragments represented in high resolution, clicking on the option SHOW   DETAILING   in the upper right corner.

      If the number of the selected image is known, for selection you can use the box SEARCH.

      Selection of the photo size is made at the next step. After selection of the picture, its format, color of the frame of the picture, you can go to the page of making order, clicking of the button ORDER...