Large-format photographs have never been so accessible!

      Collection photographs of our authors, created by traditional technology of photo printing (printing on photo paper with the following images developing) and having limited edition are represented in prestigious galleries of Russia. The price of such photographs of museum’s quality starts at 2000 $.

    But only recently, due to UV-printing technology advances it gave opportunity to create photographs using another more modern technology. We acquired such printing equipment. Transition to new technology allowed to decreasing the photograph’s price almost 5 times. In this the quality of printing and visual perception such photographs (according our documentation called art reproductions) can easily compete their museum’s quality analogues. Art reproductions also have their limited edition.

      As a rule other galleries act as mediator between the customer, the author of the shot and the laboratory, where photos are produced. In contrast we have both the manufacturing facilities and authors’ rights on images and that is why we are able to provide with products for reasonable prices.