We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of large-format image!

      Photograph (art reproduction) has to meet technical conditions
9542-001-44665367-2016 requirements. Quality control is provided at all stages of production of our photographs. Presence of our own printing machines allows conducting author’s supervision to the printing and color rendering of the image which have to correspond to the control reference standards.

      Due to the different settings and specifications of the monitors the original color rendering of the photograph may not match color rendering of the image which the customer sees on the screen of its device. This difference is acceptable. The complaints on such subjective parameters as quality and color rendering of photograph’s image are not accepted. Art reproduction is made individually according to the selected parameters of the customer such as view of the image, format, size, color of the frame. The photograph of the appropriate quality therefore is goods, having individual-definite properties and a purchase cancellation is not accepted.

      Any defect or damage to photograph in the transportation to the delivery address, specified in the order, we are ready to provide the customer with the same new photo at our expense or to refund the amount paid.

      After confirmation the defect or damage by our fault, the shipping of a new photograph to the customer is made with the same time-limits and at the same address. If the parties have agreed that the refund money will be credited to a bank or another account, specified by the customer.